FRI Computer Science Stream

Quantum Computing

algorithms, optics, programming, quantum information

our research

Our Research

The Quantum Computing stream focuses on developing the ability to identify and manipulate quantum states at the mathematical and algorithmic levels in order to implement techniques of quantum communication and computation.



Our Strategy

In the Quantum Computing stream, students will learn the properties of quantum states, how to manipulate them, and quantum error correction. We approach our topics through physical motivation with optics models as well as practical motivation with Python implementations of the theories.

Quantum Computing researchers focus on how to:

  • explain and implement the BB84 quantum key distribution protocol
  • use entanglement for teleportation
  • program Python implementations of quantum algorithms (Deutsch, Simon, Grover, and Shor)
research impact

Our Impact

The rapidly advancing fields of quantum information sciences demand an understanding of behaviors beyond classical probability. We can harness the quantum mechanical nature of the universe in order to improve our solutions to particular problems like encryption and simulation.


Our Team

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Noah Davis

  • Research Scientist
  • Freshman Research Initiative
  • College of Natural Sciences


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Research Outcomes

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