Accelerated Research Initiative (ARI) Program

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The ARI program offers research experiences guided by FRI faculty for upper level and transfer students in the College of Natural Sciences.

ARI Streams

Eligible students can apply to join any of the Research Streams.  Currently, the streams below offer upper division lab credits in spring may be of particular interest.


  • Transfer students who have been accepted into CNS.
  • CNS sophomores and juniors who did not participate in FRI.
  • Eligible students will be sorted into a Research Stream during the stream sort process.


ALL REsearch Streams

ARI Spring Start Stream Sort Timeline

SEPTEMBER | Explore the Research Streams

Learn more about the Research Streams by browsing our stream pages.

OCTOBER | Identify Stream Preferences

Once you've identify several Research Streams that interest you, be sure to review the Spring Course Credits offered by the streams, and check that the stream meeting time fits into your course schedule.

OCTOBER| ARI Stream Sort Form

Students who fill out the ARI Stream Sort Form have the opportunity to submit their top research stream choices on this form, and a brief statement explaining their selection. 

While we will try our best to fit you into the most ideal stream of your choice, please understand that we will not guarantee you a switch or stream placement if it is not available.

The Stream Sort Form is now closed.

If you DID NOT fill out a form, you are welcomed to fill out a Late Form, although placement in a stream is not guaranteed. **The Late Form Is Now Closed**

NOVEMBER | Stream Placement & Registration

Students who submitted a stream sort form by the deadline will be notified of their stream assignments and the unique number of the course(s) associated with that stream based on preference and stream availability via email  Students self-register for their stream assignment using the instructions provided. 

You may not be offered a seat during your initial registration window. 

If you have a course conflict with the stream you've been placed in, and you feel very strongly that you need to change streams, fill out the Stream Switch Form (also included with the late form).*  

*Students will be sorted up until the first class day in January 2025.

Begin Stream Research - January 2025

Once placed in a stream and registered, students will begin their research and coursework in the spring semester! 

ARI Researchers attend a weekly conference meeting(s) and are assigned additional laboratory requirements that are scheduled independently from course registration.

Your Research Educator will provide you with more details regarding course requirements, schedule, and attendance expectations.