Students Win Big at International Synthetic Biology Competition

Undergraduate students at UT Austin are recognized for their work which could save bats from a condition that is often deadly and dangerous.

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Like Their Domestic Cousins, Native Bees are Hurt by Pesticides

Numerous studies have found negative impacts of agrochemicals, such as neonicotinoids, on both honey bees and native bees, and researchers like Felicity Muth and her lab at UT Austin are contributing to this field.

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Natural Sciences Researchers Win President’s Award for Global Learning

A team with two CNS undergraduates of UT Austin were involved with research about the relationship between undergraduates' mental health and their social support networks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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First Confirmed Detection of Neutron Stars Crashing into Black Holes

UT Austin scientists were involved in detecting two events, occurring 10 days apart in January 2020, in which black holes and neutron stars collided.

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Graduating Senior Finds Passions in Exoplanets and Outreach

Zoe de Beurs wasn't sure what she wanted to do when she first arrived at UT Austin, but after graduating, she started a Ph.D. in Planetary Science at MIT.

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Graduating Researcher and Student Leader Grateful for Mentorship and Support

During Brett Dolotina's time at UT Austin, they advocated for LGBTQ+ students as a member of the President's Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) and were involved in the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities (SOGI) Lab.

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Undergraduate Research Aims to Harness the Power of Mealworms to Degrade Plastic

Undergraduates at the UT Austin Inventors Program are exploring how mealworms, and the microbes in their guts, can naturally degrade household plastics.

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Longhorn Students, Researchers in the Pandemic Fight

Graduate and undergraduate students are jumping into research fighting the pandemic.

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Department of Computer Science

A UT Austin Spin-Out Beats the Odds, Turning Data into Knowledge

Juan Sequeda and his advisor, professor Daniel Miranker, invented a new way to transform key data into a form that is easier to analyze.

Juan Sequeda and Daniel Miranker launched Capsenta, a start-up based on their research at the University of Texas at Austin which was recently acquired by


5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Four Years of Undergrad Research

We asked graduating seniors from across the college to share their best tips for research success.

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