Accelerated Research Initiative (ARI) Program

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The ARI Program serves upper-level and transfer students.

The Accelerated Research Initiative (ARI) summer internship program offers upper division CNS students who did not participate in FRI the opportunity to participate in a Research Stream.

ARI Summer Internship Eligibility

  • CNS sophomores and juniors who did not participate in FRI.
  • Transfer students who have been accepted to CNS.


Research Streams

Program Overview & Application

  • Summer. Students join one of the Research Streams for a 6-8 week unpaid research internship. Placement is based on students’ interest and lab availability.
  • Fall. With the consent of their Research Educator, ARI students can enroll in one of their Research Stream's fall course.
  • Application due March 29, 2024.

Apply to ARI

Please note: the summer ARI program seeks to provide volunteer research opportunities for CNS students interested in graduate school and a possible career as a scientist. Priority will be given to those applicants who are exploring a career in science (for example, in academia, industry, government, etc.) and have had little to no prior research experience. 


For more information or if you have any questions, contact Dr. Tony Gonzalez.