News: Accolades


Students Win Big at International Synthetic Biology Competition

Undergraduate students at UT Austin are recognized for their work which could save bats from a condition that is often deadly and dangerous.

A team of cheering students


Natural Sciences Researchers Win President’s Award for Global Learning

A team with two CNS undergraduates of UT Austin were involved with research about the relationship between undergraduates' mental health and their social support networks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Textiles and Apparel Students Win Prestigious National Awards

Avani Patel and Seihak Long have both won major awards for their innovative ideas.

UT textiles and apparel faculty members Nancy Prideaux and Sara Stevens accompanied the scholarship winners to the YMA awards dinner in New York. Left to right: Nancy Prideaux, Debby Garcia, Avani Patel, Clare Moore, Tami Gumilar, Daeci Dinh, Sara Northcutt, and Sara Stevens.


Freshman Research Initiative Students Published in Nature Genetics

The groundbreaking Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) program at The University of Texas at Austin helped a pair of students put a coveted feather in their cap quite early in their academic careers: the chance to say they’ve been published in a top-tier scientific journal from the prestigious Nature Publishing Group.

The fibrous roots of white Albina Vereduna beets (control plant, left) turn red when they overexpress a particular transcription factor that upregulates red betalain pigment production (right).