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Summer 2024

June  10 - July 17, 2024

*Participants will be off on June 19 and July 4th - 5th for holiday observance.

Check back for HSRA Application in January 2024!

HSRA Overview



When is the HSRA application deadline?

The HSRA 2024 application and deadline will be available in early 2024.

Late applications will continue to be accepted and reviewed after the due date, but we cannot guarantee placement for late applicants.

Why do I need to create a UT electronic identification (EID) to apply to HSRA?

An EID is the electronic gateway to interacting with the University of Texas at Austin in just about any way you can imagine. Attaining an EID is easy, free, and does not collect information beyond a name and valid email address. If you already have an EID from a previous program involving UT, feel free to use that one. Get a UT EID Here

What if I already have an EID from a previous program at UT?

You should use the EID you already have. Please do not create additional EIDs, if possible. 

How are participants chosen for HSRA?

Applicants are chosen based on personal essay and research interests that align with our program offerings. We DO NOT accept teacher recommendations or transcripts.

We DO NOT consider GPA or class rank for admittance. 

What type of students participate in HSRA?

Students with a wide variety of research interests or curiosity about the research process are encouraged to apply!

Students must be 15 years old by June 1 to be considered. 

We are currently unable to accept out-of-state or international applicants.

When will applicants be notified of their acceptance?

Accepted HSRA participants will be notified in April 2024.


Who are the research professors involved with HSRA?

Research professors are associated with a variety of departments throughout the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) at UT Austin. These professors have a high level of expertise in experiential learning, as it relates to getting undergraduate students involved with REAL research projects.

Many professors are also affiliated with the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI), the nation's largest undergraduate research program. 

How are students matched to research experiences?

There are many factors that are involved in the student placement process. Most importantly, is that each research professor can only accommodate for a specific number of participants based on lab space, research equipment requirements, and other logistical concerns.

Unfortunately, participants will not be allowed to switch their lab placement. Keep an open mind! All of our research experiences provide students with many transferable skills that are valuable for your future.

What does the NSC309 UT Course Credit count for?

NSC309 is a three (3) credit hour college course offered through UT Austin's Extension service (UEX).

Participant assignments will focus on: 

  • reflection essays related to your research experience throughout the HSRA program,

  • responses to readings related to the researcher mindset and research ethics, and, 

  • sharing tangible outcomes and results of your research experience. 


What is the cost of the HSRA program?

The cost for the High School Research Academy (HSRA) is $3,500 per student

Payment will not be due until a position is offered to you and you have accepted that position. If you accept an offered position in the HSRA program, a non-refundable deposit of $350 will be due upon acceptance. This deposit will be credited toward the $3500 program fee when full payment is due in early June

Schedule flexibility will vary but the enrollment fee is the same for each HSRA research group. 

What is the HSRA cancellation/refund policy?

Once payment is made, refunds will only be given if the student is unable to attend for medical or other extreme circumstances outside of your control. No exceptions. 

Why are merit-based scholarships NOT OFFERED through HSRA?

One of the goals of the HSRA is to provide research experiences to a diverse set of participants and we aim to offer our scholarship funds to provide opportunities for students based on financial need.

Does HSRA provide housing or transportation?

No! HSRA DOES NOT provide housing or transportation for HSRA participants. 

We are also not responsible for HSRA participants outside the time that they are working in their research groups or participating in HSRA events.