Freshman Research Initiative (FRI)

Stream Sort

FRI-admitted students get to know our current FRI stream students and faculty to help select their top choices for stream placement.

Welcome to FRI!

During the fall semester, we offer many opportunities for new FRI students to interact with current undergraduates, faculty, and research available in our  Research Streams. Students participate in a process that we call Stream Sort, which is a series of events that land a student placement in a research stream.  

Students are invited to indicate their Research Stream preferences on our FRI Stream Sort form (opens in October).  We do our best to place FRI admits into one of their top stream choices. Students self-register for their stream placement during registration and begin research in the spring semester of the academic year.

1. Explore the research streams. 2. Meet current students and faculty. 3. Submit form & register for stream placement. 4. Research begins in your stream.

Stream Sort Timeline

FRI admitted students participate in the Stream Sort process during the fall semester of their first year at the University of Texas at Austin.

AUGUST — SEPTEMBER | Explore the Research Streams

At the beginning of the fall semester, explore the Research Streams!

  • Contact an FRI student Ambassador with stream-specific questions.
  • Attend the FRI Meet & Greet Poster Session. At this event, you'll be able to interact with students and faculty to learn more about our research streams.
  • Review Stream Course Credit & Course Schedules. To help you identify several Research Streams that interest you, review the Spring Course Schedule and Fall Research Credit options.
OCTOBER | Visit Research Streams

During October, we open our doors for students to visit and interact with stream team members.

  • Attend Stream Open Houses. Research Educators and Peer Mentors provide lab tours and overviews of their stream research/laboratory on specific days/times and are available to answer your questions (~30 min -1h tours).  Check the FRI Canvas for the Open House schedule.
  • Submit a Stream Sort Form. Select your top research stream choices by the deadline.
FRI Stream Sort Form

Students who fill out the FRI Stream Sort Form have the opportunity to submit their top research stream choices on this form, and a brief statement explaining their selection. 

While we will try our best to fit you into the most ideal stream of your choice, please understand that we will not guarantee you a switch or stream placement if it is not available.

The Stream Sort Form opens October 2023.

NOVEMBER | Stream Placement & Registration

Students are sorted into Research Streams based on preference and research stream availability. We do our best to give students one of their five preferred choices.

  • Receive a Research Stream Placement. FRI admitted students who submitted a Stream Sort form by the deadline will be notified of their stream assignments and the unique number of the course(s) associated with that stream by November VIA E-MAIL.

Please be patient as it takes time to notify all students - you may not receive your assignment at the same time as your roommate!  If you have a course conflict with the stream you've been placed in, and you feel very strongly that you need to change streams, fill out the Stream Switch Form.

*Keep in mind that students will be sorted up until the first class day in January.*
  • Students self-register for their stream. Your seat in a research stream is reserved.  You will register for your stream during your registration time using the information provided in your stream placement email.
JANUARY | Begin Stream Research!

Students who register will begin their research and coursework in the Spring Semester!

FRI Researchers attend a weekly conference meeting(s) and are assigned additional laboratory requirements that are scheduled independently from course registration.

Your Research Educator will provide you with more details regarding course requirements, schedule, and attendance expectations.