How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

This page describes how the High School Research Initiative course is structured and the calendar of activities.

Summer: Teacher Professional Training

High school teachers, who have partnered with the HRI, complete an intensive 3-4-week virtual professional training over the summer. Led by a UTeach Master Teacher, the training offers the various module curriculum, a first-hand experience to the inquiry-based approach, and instructor guidance. Teachers decide which modules they want to implement in their course(s). Time will be provided to work with the research faculty members to fine tune the modules to meet students' needs in their particular school. The HRI provides support to procure the necessary equipment and supplies to perform the research for each module.

Fall & Spring Semester: Student/Class Partnership with the Freshman Research Initiative

  • High school students conduct research through 1-5-week modules in collaboration with their partnered UT-Austin lab in the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI).
  • High school students and teachers will have opportunity to attend virtual office hours with each research faculty member and undergraduate mentors for additional support. 
  • High school students complete technical reports, present their findings, and present virtually to either an undergraduate mentor or the research faculty member for each module.