Invest in Undergraduate Research

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FRI is changing lives by getting students engaged, right from the start, in real-world scientific research. Your investment can help more students who want to learn to be scientists to experience the process of scientific discovery firsthand.

In 2016, we launched an initiative to build the FRI Endowment for a new generation. This is a permanent and sustainable fund that yields annual interest to support the program and grows over time.

To learn more about specific ways you can support FRI and its students, please contact:

Dr. Kara Rogers, Director of Freshman Research |

Zak Richards, College of Natural Sciences Development Office
Phone: 512-232-0699 |

FRI Support Levels

ENDOW A RESEARCH STREAM | $250,000–$1,500,000

  • Funds can be used for research equipment and supplies, instructional support, curriculum design,student support, and student fellowships.


  • New streams are dedicated to emerging research areas of importance to industry partners, better preparing our students to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

SUPPORT AN EXISTING RESEARCH STREAM | $50,000 - $125,000 per year

  • Financial support helps with everything from research equipment and supplies to student fellowships.

SUMMER FELLOWSHIPS | $5,000 per student

  • Funding provides student scholarships and fellowships during the summer so they can continue their research when financial aid is limited.

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